Monday, 4 January 2016

Children and the Magic of Bookshops

Happy New Year, folks!

"I spend a lot of my time as an antiquarian bookseller piecing together memories, tracking down stories and why? Because books when we’re young become such an important part of us that we want them back when we are older. We want to hold them, and quite possibly smell them (there’s a scientific reason books smell so good, you know, but that’s another story) and we want to re-experience that escapism we had as a child. Perhaps it’s a bit of a Neverland syndrome. Somewhere in our memories the books we read when we were younger are still there, still chatting away with our younger selves. Some parts of us never grow up and we’re never too old for a good story..."

I've written an article for Read Quarterly about children and the magic of bookshops. Grab a cup of tea, and click here to read it. :)

Lots of bookish love xx


  1. Oh Jen, one of these days I want to actually hug you for saying all that. In the meantime, a virtual hug. (PS let me know how the mittens are holding out - do you need new ones yet?)

  2. Couldn't agree more! I used to look forward to going to my local bookshop more than anything as a small kid! I would just sit in the children's section pouring over the books for hours. Happy days!