Thursday, 30 July 2015

Port Eliot Festival

Cornwall-folk! This Friday, 31st July, I'll be chatting about The Bookshop Book and Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops at the Port Eliot Festival, 11:15am in the Walled Garden. You can find more details on their website here. Look forward to seeing some of you there! x

Thursday, 2 July 2015

A Catch Up

Blogettes! I'm so sorry, I feel as though I have abandoned you. Many apologies. I haven't disappeared from the internet at all - seriously, would I disappear from the internet? - and have been uploading lots of bookish videos over on my Booktube channel. There are now over 100 to watch, and I hope that you're enjoying them.

This week I spoke at the Bookseller Marketing and Publicity Conference about Booktube - I made a video about that prior to the event, here, and will be making another next week about my thoughts on Booktube and the book world at large.

I also filmed a 'Day in the Life...' type video, where you can follow me around, writing, bookselling and book signing, and have also branched out with more 'out and about' type videos, interviewing Kirsty Logan (author of The Gracekeepers), chatting to Leo Nickolls - fabulous book designer - about beautiful books, and will be doing more videos like that in the future.

Last week was Independent Bookshop Week, so I went on a London Bookshop Crawl with Lauren and Holly, which was lots of fun.

As for reading - my favourite recent reads are Sum by David Eagleman and Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman. I now pair these two books together in my head whenever I think about them - despite them dealing with different topics. Sum is a collection of short stories about different sorts of afterlives: one where, when you die, your new job is to act of the dreams of the living. Einstein's Dreams is a set of short stories set around the time Einstein was developing his theory of relativity. All are about different universes where time materialses in different ways. They're both fascinating and I highly, highly recommend them.

I hope you're all having a wonderful summer! If you have any reading recommendations, let me know :) xx