Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Pullman's Grimm Tales

Last night my friend Becky and I went to see Pullman's Grimm Tales at the Oxo Tower in London. It was incredible. Five Brothers Grimm fairy tales retold by Philip Pullman, and acted out on different floors. We walked through the fairy tales as they were acted out around us, in this incredibly creepy building that had rusty lightbulbs, old photographs on the walls and eerie music playing. Old wedding dresses hung along the stairwells. In one of the corridors, seven small beds were lined up with seven small outfits hanging on the far wall. In the next room, a real person slept in a glass case, holding an apple, with candles surrounding her. There was a spindle in a corner. A lit up crescent moon. A glass slipper in a case. Chairs and lamps stuck to the ceiling. The floor was covered in woodchip and sometimes screams would emit from radios that sat along the walls. Whenever a wave of music flooded a room, the light bulbs would flicker in time to it. It was everything I hoped it would be.

It's running until April - if you can get tickets, then go! (This isn't sponsored; I just loved it a lot!)

If you're interested in interactive theatre, Les Enfants Terribles are putting on a wonderful performance of Alice in Wonderland this spring.

Also, I'll be uploading a video this Sunday about my Fairy Tale book collection. If you'd like to see that, you can subscribe to my Youtube channel over here. :) xx


  1. God, it sounds like all kinds of fabulous (and I'm still gutted I can't make Les Enfants Terribles. Le sigh)

    1. Jo, you would have loved this - wish you could have come along! x

  2. That looks awesome! Do you think it would scare a ten year old, she loves fairy tales but your photos do make it look a little creepy ;-)