Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Paris VLOG // Shakespeare and Company

I am just home from Paris. I did an event at the fabulous Shakespeare and Company (one of my all time favourite bookshops), and this time I slept in the bookshop for a night, which I'd never done before. I had lunch with the glorious Sylvia Whitman (owner of S&C), and she told me all about her future plans to open a Bookshop Farm - a working farm an hour out of Paris, where writers can stay and work (so long as they pitch in with the animals!). She's going to build tree houses as writing stations. I think you can all join me in saying I Want To Go To There.

I filmed my visit for a little vlog, and you can watch that over here :)

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  1. Thanks Jen! This was a great trip to Paris. I had a great time, and I am sure that the rest of your fans did as well. Looking forward to our next trip together. A perfect chance to have tea with you! Love new technology. Michael