Saturday, 22 November 2014

I love my job

This week at the bookshop...

Little girl: My brother’s guinea pig died last night. Do you think we can eat it? My mum says that booksellers know lots of things, so I thought that I’d ask you.
Me: Erm… does your brother want you to eat his dead guinea pig?
Little girl: No. My brother wants to bury it in the garden, but I think that’s stupid.
Me: Why?
Little girl: Because it’s cold outside and his guinea pig didn’t like the cold. (Pause) Also, I like eating new things. My dad let me eat sushi last week and I liked that. So perhaps I’ll like guinea pig, too.


  1. Bwaha! Well, it's nice to be thought of as an expert in these matters. ;)

  2. Well... You can eat them but they might be traumatised by how they cook them...!