Wednesday, 12 November 2014

falling in love with stories

You can read an extract from The Bookshop Book on the history of Shakespeare and Company in Paris, over here. 

I also wrote a piece about falling in love with stories.

"....Books do this to us because we all love stories. Stories offer up places to escape to; characters who become alter egos; different worlds that we want to get to know. It’s why I love reading; it’s why I love working in a bookshop and it’s why I write books myself. Human beings have been making up stories for things we don’t understand, or can’t explain, for as long as we’ve been around to do so: moral tales and fairy tales, myths, legends and everything in between. We have a desire to want to unravel things, even if we can’t. We want to empathise and we want adventure. Books allow us to do that. They allow us to explore..."

You can read the rest over here.

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