Monday, 13 October 2014

"In a way, the Bookshop Book is a lot like a bookshop itself."

I don't normally share reviews, but this one in particular made my heart happy.

"In a way The Bookshop Book is a lot like a bookshop itself. You know the really good bookshops that seem kind of small from the outside but when you go inside they seem to go back and up from the street for miles. You wander around finding new and interesting things that you never expected to come across. The Bookshop Book is like that. You expect it to be a book about bookshops, but hidden inside are little sections with Bookish Facts and Wonderful Things and photos and interviews and you think just one more page but then something on the next one catches your eye and you have to carry on reading..." You can read the rest over here.

The Bookshop Book actually went to reprint today! Which is wonderful - thank you so much to those who have already bought a copy! xx


  1. What a lovely review. It's always nice when the reviewer gets it. and congrats on your second printing!

  2. Thank you, Jen. ^_^

    And congratulations on the reprint!