Monday, 29 September 2014

Bookshop A Day #22: A Reader's Heaven, NSW

On the run up to the release of The Bookshop Book on the 2nd October, I'm going to be blogging about a bookshop every day to celebrate wonderful bookshops and booksellers all around the world. (#bookshopaday).

Today's blog post is about:
A Reader's Heaven, Australia

I had a chat with Tamsyn - a bookshop customer who loves this place. 

Hi Tamsyn! Where can we find your favourite bookshop?

In Lithgow, a small town in New South Wales, Australia.

Describe it in three words.

A lovely, friendly atmosphere.

What’s going to catch our eye as soon as we walk through the door?

The friendly staff and the beautifully designed bookshop, and of course all the books.

What’s the best event they've ever done there?

During Halloween the staff dressed as their favourite character from their favourite book. They had customers come along and I did it too. It was really great.

What's the best book you've bought from there?

There are many favourites but the best so far is Diary of Anne Frank.

Recommend a book you’ve been loving recently.

She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick. It's about a blind girl who flies across the world with her little brother to find their father and bring him home.

Why did you love bookshops?

They're a home away from home for me. I can spend hours in one and have a wonderful time. I was once locked in a bookshop because I didn't realise everyone was leaving and the bookshop owners didn't realise I was still there. Thankfully I got out and the owners found it funny.

If you could open a bookshop anywhere in the world, where would you open it and why?

I would love to open a bookshop in a place where people are disadvantaged and give them books for free so everyone can experience the joys that reading brings.

Sum up what books and bookshops mean to you in one sentence.

Books and bookshops mean a lot to me because I've had a disability since birth and during school I was teased a lot and told I couldn't read and was stupid by both teachers and students, so I proved them wrong by starting to read books and now I love reading and couldn't imagine not having books.


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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful write-up about our store. We are lost for words!

    Also, thank you to Tamsyn for her very kind words about our shop. It is always refreshing to hear good words about the work you do. Thank you again!

    Paul and Jo

  2. What a wonderful write- up about Tamsyn... she is an avid reader, and makes the world a better place to be...