Thursday, 25 September 2014

Bookshop A Day #20: Re:Reading Bookstore, Toronto

On the run up to release of The Bookshop Book on the 2nd October, I'm going to be blogging about a bookshop every day to celebrate wonderful bookshops and booksellers all around the world. (#bookshopaday). Today I want to tell you about:

Re:Reading Bookstore, Toronto

I had a chat with Chris, who owns the bookshop. 

Hello, Chris! Where can we find you?

548 Danforth Ave Toronto On Canada @Re_Reading

Describe your bookshop in three words. 

Clean – Organized - WellStaffed

What’s going to catch our eye as soon as we walk through the door?

The large isles and large organized shelves and the giant map of the world on the wall.

What’s the best event you’ve ever done?

Opening day. We opened on April 4th 2009 after building the store in 4 weeks. Still our best day ever.

And your best customer moment?

The octogenarian Scottish lady (Alice) who came into our store once a week for the first 4 years we were open. Failing health has prevented her from coming as often but she still brightens our day every once in a while.

Recommend a book you’ve been loving recently. 

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides  

Why did you become a bookseller?

25 years as a customer in Used Bookshops gave me the hunger to be the person on the other side of the counter.

Why are you still a bookseller?

We have been open 1900 days and I have gone home frustrated 6 times. That to me is an EXCELLENT ration. 

If you could open a bookshop anywhere else in the world, where would you open it and why?

Airlie Beach Australia. That is where I plan to retire and having a bookshop would give me a place to go everyday to meet people and talk about books.

Sum up what books and bookshops mean to you in one sentence. 

If you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life - RH Heinlein.


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