Thursday, 14 August 2014

Signed Copies of 'The Bookshop Book'

signed copies of The Bookshop Book - shipping to anywhere in the world

Hello folks! The Bookshop Book was published on the 2nd October 2014 by Constable/Little, Brown in the UK & Commonwealth. Hurray! Copies are available in bookshops in Australia and NZ, Canada and English bookshops around the world. Release date for America is September 2015, though if you can't wait for it, you can order a copy below. :) I'll edit this post with details of any foreign editions as and when, and if you have any questions, please just drop me an email

If you'd like to buy a signed copy of the book, I can ship to anywhere in the world. Details are below!

The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell

Every bookshop has a story. 

We’re not talking about rooms that are just full of books. We’re talking about bookshops in barns, disused factories, converted churches and underground car parks. Bookshops on boats, on buses, and in old run-down train stations. Fold-out bookshops, undercover bookshops, this-is-the-best-place-I’ve-ever-been-to-bookshops.

From the oldest bookshop in the world, to the smallest you could imagine, The Bookshop Book examines the history of books, talks to authors (such as Audrey Niffenegger, Ian Rankin, Tracy Chevalier, Bill Bryson and many others) about their favourite places, and looks at over three hundred weirdly wonderful bookshops across six continents (sadly, we’ve yet to build a bookshop down in the South Pole).

The Bookshop Book is a love letter to bookshops all around the world.

Copies are £12.99 plus postage (it's a hardback, 288 pages, with two sections of colour photographs). If you'd like to order more than one copy, just drop me a message and I can adjust the shipping costs.

 If you would like a name written in the book as well as a signature, please leave me a note in the 'Note to Buyer' section at checkout. If it's a gift for someone, I'm very happy to gift wrap free of charge, too, just leave a note requesting it. 

1 x copy of The Bookshop Book - Jen Campbell

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Hurray for bookshops! And I really hope you enjoy the book.

Lots of love,

Jen xx


  1. Yes it is now officially ordered. Bought and paid for as they say. Now comes the hard part-the bloody wait!
    Looking forward to getting this one Jen
    Well done, Michael

  2. Just did a little Christmas have me so well organised! :)

  3. Aghaaaa!! Is it not October yet? Itching for the BOOK!
    LOL, looking forward to it, but not really at the expense of summers remainder

  4. Scott Robertson16 June 2015 at 18:41

    Just ordered a copy for my Mum, she has a bookshop in the foothills of MtDandenong, Melbourne Australia. Thank You