Thursday, 24 July 2014

The 'Weird Things...' Read-Along Book Club

As we're all book-lovers here, I suggested the idea of a 'Weird Things...' Read-Along Book Club over on the 'Weird Things...' Facebook page. I suggested that once a month I could nominate a book and those who want to join in can read it with me, and we can chat about it.

I was pretty overwhelmed with the response - over 300 of you want to join in!

So, I thought I'd post about it here, on my blog, in case you want to get involved:

1. At the beginning of the month I will post a photo of the book we will be reading on the Facebook page, and we can discuss the book in the comments WITHOUT spoilers.

2. I will also set up a Note on the page for the book, where people can comment once they have finished the book, where there can be spoilers etc freely.

Those who want to take part can do so whenever they like (you don't have to read every book!). It's going to be a very laid back affair. (If the Book Club turns out to be rather large, we can think about setting up a separate Facebook group for it, but let's see how we get on first. :))

So, if you'd like to come and join in, please do!

If you'd like to receive an email once a month letting you know what book we're going to be reading, please drop me an email: The first email will go out at the beginning of next week. I'm excited. 

Hurray for books!

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  1. Good luck with your new venture. Our little club, The Sun Readers (we meet at The Sun Inn) has a number of distance readers: our furthest resides in sunny Sydney and he along with the other DRs email their pithy reviews and marks out of ten. No half marks allowed!