Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Calling Booksellers and Bookshop-Lovers Everywhere!

Hello lovely booksellers, and bookshop-loving folk.

It's now twelve weeks until the release of The Bookshop Book! (Twelve weeks!) And to celebrate all things bookshop-wise, I'm calling out to booksellers AND bookshop-lovers about these two things below:

1. I'm going to be doing 'A Bookshop a Day' blog posts all through September and the beginning of October. Each day I'll write about a different bookshop somewhere in the world (a bit like the Bookshop Spotlights I did a while back). So, if you are a bookseller who'd like your bookshop featured (or you're a bookshop-lover who wants to chat about your favourite bookshop), please drop me an email, saying 'Me, please!' jenvcampbell@gmail.com. :)

2. I'm going to be doing lots of events for The Bookshop Book throughout October, November and December here, there and everywhere. If you would like me to come and do an event at your bookshop, please drop me a line: jenvcampbell@gmail.com. I'm all yours :)


  1. America requests an audience! :)

    1. I really hope to get to do events across the pond one of these days :) x

  2. People who love books are real people - red books, blue ones and green ones alike, they all fit so neatly on our shelves. BUT, do we read them?