Monday, 28 July 2014

Author Visit: Nik Perring

Good morning, guys! Today, Nik Perring is here to have a quick chat about his new book, Beautiful Words. A flash-fiction picturebook for adults, Beautiful Words is the first in the trilogy that explores three characters' lives through the words they love. 

As an aside, some of my favourite words are onomatopoeia, circus and skeleton. 

Hi Nik! Welcome! Pull up a seat.

Thanks for having me here, Jen. It is a fine place! 

What was your favourite word when you were a child?

Favourite word as a child? There must have been loads. Aquamarine's the first that comes to mind. It kind of sings. Actually, thinking about it, I think I came across it first in a song. (Possibly one from Alice in Wonderland. I'll have to check...)

What's your favourite word now?

Now I'm old and tired and work pretty much all the time, I'm going to go with sleep. Or happy. You've got to love happy.

What's the most powerful word you can think of?

That's a really tough question because I guess a lot of it depends on context. There are obvious ones like love and freedom and hope. I also chose to put this word in the book, too. (Click to see the entry, as it's a tad naughty ;))

What's a word you'd like to shout from the top of a mountain?


And what's a word you'd like to whisper quietly in somebody's ear?


Make up a word for us, and tell us its meaning.

Blunderful - a happy accident.

Tell us how 'Beautiful Words' came about, and what the rest of the series promises.

It started, by happy accident, a few years ago when I started collecting beautiful words. If I found one I liked, because it was interesting, or fun to say, or because I liked its meaning, I'd pop it into a small orange notebook. And then I thought that maybe it could make an interesting book - the sort of thing I'd love to be given as a gift. 

But a book listing the words some bloke you've probably never heard of thought were beautiful was never going to be that interesting so I decided to make it into a weird mix of fact told through a story. 

In the first book it's the story of Lucy, Lily, and Alexander, their relationship(s) told through beautiful words (with gorgeous illustrations by the wonderful Miranda Sofroniou).

The next in the series is Beautiful Trees, which continues their story, this time told through trees.

The third will be Beautiful Shapes...

Nik Perring is a short story writer and author from the UK. His stories have been published in many fine places both in the UK and abroad, in print and online. They’ve been used on High School distance learning courses in the US, printed on fliers, and recorded for radio. Nik is the author of the children’s book, I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You Do? (EPS, 2006); the short story collection, Not So Perfect (Roastbooks 2010); and he’s the co-author of Freaks! (The Friday Project/HarperCollins, 2012). His online home is and he’s on Twitter as @nikperring Beautiful Trees is out now.

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