Thursday, 24 July 2014

Alice in Wonderland collection

Those of you who have been here a while know that my favourite book is Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. Quite a few people on the 'Weird Things...' Facebook page were asking to see photos of my Alice collection. So here are some of them, below.

Through the Looking Glass - illustrated by John Tenniel. A Puffin Story Book. 1954

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass - illustrated by John Tenniel. Puffin 1968. 

A couple of later Penguin editions

Alice's Adventures Underground, a facsimile of the 1864 manuscript with illustrations by Carroll himself. 

The Yayoi Kusama illustrated edition from 2012

The Tove Jansson illustrated edition. 

An Arthur Rackham

A 1949 1st of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass illustrated by Leonard Weisgard

A 1921 John Tenniel edition published by Macmillan.

& I have a few others, which are back up north (I really should move all my books out of my mum's attic...) including the Ralph Steadman edition, a Mervyn Peake and the lovely Helen Oxenbury edition of Alice. 

Which are your favourites? Do you collect different editions of certain books yourself? xx


  1. I am strangely attracted to the 1954 Puffin version, as well as the Yayoi Kusama version.
    I recently purchased a Japanese e-mook celebrating Alice's 150th Anniversary, and while I initially bought it for the GWP bag, I find that the e-mook itself ((albeit thin and kinda pricey) was very very pretty, full of wonderful illustrations , definitely worth the marked up import pricing.

    1. The 1954 Puffin one is beautiful, because on the back it has the front cover in reverse, as though Alice were holding it up to the Looking Glass :)

      Will check out the Japanese one!

  2. I have several editions of Good Omens and Lord of the Rings including a lovely posh set of all the Middle-Earth books - though my favourite is the French version of Fellowship of the Ring, as M. Bilbon Sacquet de Cul-de-Sac always makes me smile!

    I think I had the right-hand Penguin edition of Through The Looking Glass when I was little (probably still at Mum and Dad's).

  3. What an awesome collection you have!!
    I would love to collect the Brother's Grimm Fairy Tales and I think you have inspired me to get started.

  4. I approve of this post and all that it stands for. Perhaps I should photograph my own Alice books and we can see how we compare ;) xxx

  5. I have never seen the Ralph Steadman one.
    I also have multiple copies of some books - but only because I won't loan all of them out to the local children who use my collection as their library!

  6. How wonderful :) I think the Tove Jansson edition is just beautiful and I'm sure I recognise the John Tenniel edition from my childhood......ah...thanks for the nostalgia :)