Thursday, 6 February 2014

'Weird Things....' and Brian Aldiss

Today I interviewed the wonderful Brian Aldiss for 'The Bookshop Book'. Quite possibly the loveliest man ever. He told me about running a bookshop in Oxford after the second world war, and about how strange the customers were. He also told me how Dylan Thomas would run into the shop every week, and ask to borrow money & how Evelyn Waugh was always miserable. Brilliant.

In 'Weird Things...' news, 'Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops' is being translated into Russian! It will be published by an excellent independent bookshop in Moscow called Dodo Magic Bookroom. More information on publication dates later on. 

Speaking of Russia - here's a cool Russian library:

Hope you're all having a fantastic Thursday! x


  1. That is such a brilliant library. I wish we could duplicate it here in Canada.Brilliant, and not just by the colours. LOL

  2. Hi Jen,
    Congratulations on the forthcoming Russian version of your book. Will it be the 7th foreign edition? Is it going to be published in Hungarian as well?

    Your agent is doing such an excellent job!

    The Russian library looks like a dream from Gulliver's travels.

    Have you ever seen a tree-house bookshop?

    1. Hi Katalin,

      Thanks! No Hungary deal at the moment, but will keep you posted :)

      No tree-house bookshop but Pendulo Bookshop in Mexico has trees inside it, which is pretty cool.


    2. I've found one for you!

      Tree-house at Kids Nook Bookstore in Istanbul, Turkey:

  3. Where is this library located? It's fantastic! Like the site, by the way.