Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Bookshop Book - an update

This week I've visited one of the oldest bookshops in England (they've been selling books since 1729!), and I've had conversations with Tracy Chevalier, Joanne Harris and Rachel Joyce about their love of bookshops. I've talked to booksellers in France, Singapore and India. I've discovered the wonder of The Biblio-Mat in Canada, and I've lusted over a beautiful bookshop in Venice. Lots of exciting things happening with The Bookshop Book. My manuscript deadline is the end of April, and it will be published in October. I can't wait to share it all with you guys! x

(Just a reminder: if you would like to give a shout out to your favourite bookshop, or if you're a bookseller and would like to share some stories for 'The Bookshop Book,' you can drop me an email at jenvcampbell@gmail.com)


  1. Looking forward to reading it too Jen! I was telling someone about it recently and he told me about the "bookshop" that came around when he was a boy in rural New South Wales. It was, in his words, "a sort of gypsy caravan that the old guy actually lived in with rows of old books. He used to sell them for as little as a ha-penny each. It was during the Depression and most people paid him with a bit of food instead."

  2. Will this one be available in the US like your first book was? This is very cool!

    1. Hopefully, yes - we haven't approached foreign publishers yet but will be doing so soon. x

  3. good luck in writing, books like Weird..., the sequel and this one aint too frequent, so I smell another gem here :)))

  4. There is no greater pleasure than spending an hour or two browsing in a bookshop. Looking forward to your book appearing.