Wednesday, 15 January 2014

bookshop rabbits, bookshop snakes, and an update on The Bookshop Book

I have been failing at updating the blog, please forgive me. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and a happy new year!

Lola: Arkadia Books, Helsinki
I promise that my failure to blog is actually a good thing. I'm currently running around trying making The Bookshop Book as good as it possibly can be. I'm chatting to bookshops all over the world - small, large, and in unusual places: underground, on cattle farms, on boats and in greenhouses. Yesterday I spoke to Ian, who runs an amazing bookshop in Finland, complete with a bookshop snake called Ziggy. Today I spoke with Tony, the owner of The Old Pier Bookshop in Morecambe, who told me how he met his wife. She was a customer in his bookshop, and was about to go to Poland to become a nun, until he persuaded her to marry him instead. This is a true story.

Last week I interviewed Ian Rankin about his favourite children's books, and David Almond about the now-extinct beat poetry bookshops of Newcastle. I've spoken to Jacqueline Wilson about her dream bookshop - it has a bookshop rabbit. Then there's Napoleon Bunnyparte, the real-life bookshop rabbit of The Book Barge, which is soon going to be heading across the Channel to sell books in France. (Just to clarify: the owner, Sarah, will be selling the books, not the rabbit, though stranger things have probably happened!).
Napoleon Bunnyparte
So, my new book, The Bookshop Book, is a history of books and bookselling, a look at interesting bookshops around the world, and interviews with authors about what bookshops mean to them. It'll be out in October, and I can't wait for you to read it. If you're a bookshop lover, I have a feeling that this book might just be for you. x


If you want to get in touch about The Bookshop Book, you can drop me an email. 


  1. I am really looking forward to this. There are so many marvellous bookshops in the world.
    I wish I could remember where I came across the bookshop which was not quite two metres wide - pre-loved books of course. It was very cosy.

  2. Hi Jen,
    Just a question. Will those who contribute to your book get a complimentary copy of "The Bookshop Book"?