Saturday, 7 December 2013

'Up here, we're fierce friends with the sea. / If it calls our name / we let it hollow us out.'

My poetry pamplet, 'The Hungry Ghost Festival' has been reviewed in the latest issue of The North.

Alison Prince links my collection with Chrissy Williams (a poet I really enjoy reading). She says:

'they are out-and-out modernists, and they both occupy alarmingly open territory.... Though very different poets, both of these young women write strong stuff.... Jen Campbell's prose poem ‘Like A Fish Out’ should be compulsory reading for anyone in contact with the young... [Its] cocky, desperately sad refusal to be arty or sentimental says more than tomes of sociology could... 
Jen Campbell is a tough read but a deeply necessary one.'

Poetry reviews don't happen very often, so I was really thrilled to see this. 

The Hungry Ghost Festival is available from The Rialto, or from me
You can read about the collection here

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! x

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