Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Blogger chums! I have been neglecting you of late. Please accept my apologies and this virtual cookie. Yum. Virtual cookies.

I hope you're all well, and that you're not melting in this ridiculous, but rather wonderful, heat wave. Because of the amount of books we have in the bookshop, not much sunlight can actually creep in, so it's rather nice and cool. Though one of Bernard Black's wine lollies wouldn't go amiss.

So. Yes. Where have I been? Well. I've finished doing the book tour for More Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops, which was wonderful (if exhausting as I was doing most of it in the evenings, after work, travelling up and down the country at silly hours). It was all very much worth it, and thank you very much to those who came along to the events to say hello. It was lovely meeting you all. There may well be a couple more events later on in the year; I'll post about those on here nearer the time.

At the moment I'm working on two new books, more details of which I'll hopefully be able to tell you guys in the next few months. One of those is my novel, which I'm going away for a week to work on, soon. It'll just be me and my computer in an internetless cottage in Cornwall, right on the cliff tops. This will be the view from my desk:

I'm really looking forward to it. Though I've never spent a week entirely on my own, and I may well go a little bit mad. I'll report back!

Thank you to everyone who's been sending us messages about the bookshop, asking if we're staying open. Nothing has been decided yet, but we're hoping to be here until at least the new year. So, you've got time to come and visit us! (If you'd like to come to the shop on a day I'm here, please drop me an email a few days before to check if I'm around. I am there most week days, but occasionally work off-site, and I'm off to the Lake District for a week in August. I know bloggers from France, Mexico and Israel came in last week on a day I wasn't there, looking for me - so sorry! Always best to email beforehand :))

I promise not to leave it so long before the next blog post. You can always follow the 'Weird Things...' Facebook page for shorter, more regular updates if you wish, and you can also find me on Twitter. My author Facebook page is over here, too.

So, yes. HAPPY SUMMER to you all. Wishing you sunshine, happiness and wine lollies. x

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