Monday, 18 February 2013

what I've been up to when not at the bookshop...

1. Giggling at this.
2. Reading wonderful books by this publisher.
3. Writing my novel. A lot. I still have The Fear, but it is no longer owning me. Thank you, Mr. Kaufman. (The novel, in case you were wondering, is dystopian. It's about a group of women. That's all you're getting for now.)
4. Getting excited about it being lighter in the mornings - hurrah!
5. Getting ready to go to Paris next week - double hurrah! We've been once before, and very excited to be going back.
6. Trying (and often failing) to write a poem a day this month with my lovely pal Bri and some other fabulous American poets.
7. Eating far too many Malteser MaltEaster Bunnies. Yes, I know it's February. Shhh.
8. Getting freaked out by Black Mirror.
9. Preparing for the launch of More Weird Things..., which is two months away. Hurrah! You can take a look at the events I'm doing over here.
10. Having fun on Tumblr.
11. Going to bed. Goodnight! x


  1. Purr-up - wish I was going to Paris. Glad you are making progress with the novel at last!

  2. A lot of my virtual friends seem to be visiting Paris this month which is just as well. It's one of the world's greatest bookshops, yes Paris the city. Black Mirror is awesome, I'm watching it too. Really looking forward to More Weird Things ...