Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Blackwell's Children's Book Tree 2012

I blogged about this last year, and have to blog about it again, because it's so wonderful! Blackwell's in Edinburgh and their Children's Book Tree.

Working with Edinburgh Women’s Aid, Edinburgh Young Carers and other local organisations, Blackwell's have received book requests from vulnerable local children.

These requests are on glittery tags which adorn the Christmas tree in the children's section of Blackwell's.

Each tag has a little message: '7 year old boy would like a book of your choice', for instance, or '15 year girl would like a book by Patrick Ness'.

You pick a tag, buy a book which corresponds with it, and the lovely staff at Blackwell's will gift wrap the book and ensure it reaches the child who requested it in time for Christmas.

If you're unsure which book to choose, the staff will help, and if you can't make it to the shop in person, you can do it over the phone - just call 0044131 622 8225.

So: children who will be living in difficult circumstances at Christmas, who have caring responsibilities beyond their years or who won’t be at home over the festive period will each receive a book to treasure, a book they can't wait to read.

It would be lovely if you could spread the word about it, and take part if you can! 


  1. that is so lovely - do you know if they're doing it in all the shops? Or Just the Edinburgh branch?

    1. I think it's only Edinburgh at the moment :)

  2. Hi folks - we are doing it in Oxford too
    It is a beautiful thing!
    Euan x

  3. thats so cool, i wish there was something similar her in NZ!