Friday, 8 June 2012

living by the book

A few weeks ago I talked to you about The Book Barge. Well, now I'd like The Book Barge to talk to you.  They are in danger of closing. Sarah's going to write a book to try and save it. You can all get involved, and it will be fabulous. 

Have a read. Follow the tale. 

Living by the Book

We're going to write a book! Yes, you and me both…

It was sort of this time last year when I wrote a blog of bookshop despair, admitting that things weren't going very well, that the boat might have to close. Before that, however, I wanted to know I'd tried everything to prevent this and floated (awful pun) the idea of a six-month Book Barge at Large tour during which I'd shelve financial worries for a while and try instead to live off books more literally - by swapping them for the food, accommodation and odd pair of Bristol Old Vic Treasure Island tickets I needed en route.

It turned out to be transformative in a more wonderful way than I'd imagined. There's a line in Emma Smith's canalling memoir Maidens' Trip where she admits she found her 1940s experience on the waterways the first time that life had met her expectations of it, and that's what happened here too. More than that: I felt complete confidence and satisfaction in what I was doing. It made me indescribably happy... [READ MORE]