Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Look! It's National Flash Fiction Day and Nik Perring and I want to read you stories!

Happy National Flash Fiction Day, folks! A day, founded by the fabulous Calum Kerr, to celebrate short-short stories everywhere! There's a whole load of flash fiction up today at the pop-up FlashFlood magazine. You can also purchase 'Jawbreakers,' the National Flash Fiction Day Anthology I mentioned the other day, which has stories by me, Ian Rankin, Ali Smith, Vanessa Gebbie, Tania Hershman etc.

Collections of flash fiction I'd recommend right now are:

My Mother Was An Upright Piano - Tania Hershman
FREAKS! - Nik Perring and Caroline Smailes
The Half-Life of Songs - David Gaffney
The Middle Stories - Sheila Heti

Journal-wise, I particularly recommend the wonderful Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, The Binnacle, and Caketrain.

Right. That's quite enough for you to be getting on with. Now Nik Perring and I would like to read you a story or two. Because we're nice like that. Hurray for stories!

Read about the collection 'Jawbreakers.'

Nik's blog is over here. You can read about 'Not So Perfect' over here.

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