Friday, 27 April 2012

"It's made from the threads your friends wove together."

Three things, before I disappear off to the sofa with a blanket and a cup of tea to watch 'Spirited Away,' while the rain continues to fall outside. Ah. 

'Jawbreakers' [a short story collection with stories by me, Ian Rankin, Ali Smith, Vanessa Gebbie, Tania Hershman etc] is now available to pre-order.

I was very chuffed to hear that 'Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops' is going to be in the Sunday Times Bestseller list again this weekend. Hurray! Thank you so  so much to everyone buying the book, and to the lovely booksellers who are selling it! Big love.

Tomorrow, after a morning of bookselling, I'm heading over to Waterstones in Croydon, where I'll be signing copies of 'Weird Things...' 2-3pm. So, if you're in the area, and would like to stop by for a chat, then I'll see you there.

Happy weekend, folks! x
[I suggest you all go and curl up and watch a Hayao Miyazaki film, too!]


  1. Love spirited away, and everything studio ghibli does, my favs are howls moving castle and my friend to toro. Enjoy your movie and the events coming.

  2. hello, I´m sorry my english is very bad...
    Did you read anything about Diana Wynne Jones?
    Grettings from Ecuador.
    By the way, i hope read your book, i read a little about and makes me laugh so much... I need your book!! :D

  3. Did you read anything by Diana Wynne Jones?
    sorry for my bad english, I´m from Ecuador, recently i read some phrases about your book and it was very funny , make me laugh so much... I hope buying someday...