Wednesday, 25 April 2012

a few things, and a virtual book event

Earlier today I talked about 'Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops' on Insight Radio. You can have a listen to that over here.

I've got some more events planned for the book, which is great. I'll be updating the left hand side bar with those as details are finalised. I'm particularly excited about being invited to talk at The Wigtown Book Festival later this year - a bookish haven if ever there was one! Thank you also to those who came along to The Firestation Bookswap last week; it was a lot of fun, with some excellent questions from the audience [such as: if you could have any literary characters as parents, who would you choose? I chose Fantastic Mr Fox and his wife. Got to love Roald Dahl.] If you're a bookshop and you'd like me to come visit, then drop me a line.

Now, for those who can't make it to an event, I thought I'd have a virtual event on here. It won't be at a specific time, so you'll be able to see it whenever you like. Basically, I'd like you to email me any questions you'd like me to answer [they can be about anything you like; they don't have to be about 'Weird Things...']. You could Tweet them or leave them in the comment box, if you wanted to instead. Then I'll make a video where I answer them. I might even get Miles to help me act out some scenes from 'Weird Things...', too. So, yes, ask away! xx

ETA: Some questions received so far: 
1. How old is your tortoise? 
2. Can I hear your Geordie accent? 
3. If you had a daemon what type of animal would it be? 
4. You said you can't make good paper aeroplanes, but that you can make an origami box. Show us the origami box. 
[Excellent questions, keep 'em coming!]


  1. If you could be one human character in a book who would you be? And which animal character would you be?

  2. Hi Jen, I have two questions:

    1. If one tweet from you could reach every person on earth, what would it be?

    2. How would Mark Twain describe your bookshop?

  3. In the spring time do people buy more books about sex? Or gloomy ones when it is pouring down buckets?