Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Edinburgh owns my heart. I think it always will do. I'm currently on a train back to London after spending two lovely days there. I did my degree at Edinburgh University, so lived there for four years, and I'd really love to move back there some day. Miles and I climbed up Arthur's Seat, and really didn't want to go home.

Although we've had to head home, we have stocked up on essentials.

Thank you to those who came along to the signing at The Edinburgh Bookshop yesterday - it was fun to chat! If you couldn't make it, they are now selling some signed copies of the book.

After the signing, as the first part of the book is set at The Edinburgh Bookshop, Vanessa threw a little party, which was most lovely. There was fizz, book signing, gossip, some portions of chips beforehand [eaten hurriedly in the doorway, hiding from the rain], and general loveliness.

The lovely Ian Rankin stopped by.

The beautiful Viv French was there, and I was very excited that Tania Hershman was able to come along, as she's currently in Edinburgh doing some writing.

Much wine was had.

[Edinburgh Bookshop photos by ChrisDonia]

It was fun. Thank you Vanessa!

Events coming up in the next week: 

I'm going to be signing books at The Book Barge in Staffordshire this Sunday, 15th. A boat that is a bookshop! A wondrous thing. [Moored at Barton Marina, DE13 8DZ] So, stop by any time between 2pm and 4pm for a chat. It'd be lovely to see you if you're nearby. 

Next Tuesday, 17th, I'm doing a day of being writer in residence at Blackwell's in Oxford. There's an event at 7pm, where I'll be talking about 'Weird Things...', perhaps reenacting some parts with the help of other booksellers, and also reading some poetry. The event is £2 BUT if you follow Blackwell's Oxford on Twitter, and quote 'aeroplanegirl' at the door, then you get in for free. If you're in the area, come and say hello :)

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who has bought a copy of 'Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops' so far. You are lovely people and, if I could, I'd bake you all a cake. Really, I would. 



  1. This photograph of Edinburgh is stunning. Would you mind me asking what you did your degree in? (I would presume English but one can never presume!) as I'm seriously considering applying to Edinburgh for English and it would be lovely to hear an Edinburgh Grads views. So glad the event went well, I spotted Blackwell's twitter link and I'm gutted I won't be there! I've actually been on the book barge too! It was moored on the canal in Broadway Market when I was in London in the Summer. Such a superb idea for a bookshop!

  2. It was indeed English Literature, and I loved it. I say go for it!

  3. It was totally brilliant to meet you, and Miles, and get to party (and eat chips) with you too! xxx

  4. Sigh....loved my brief glimpse of Edinburgh - I felt totally at home there too. Love London too - if I could get a residence permit I would move back tomorrow!
    Senior Cat (aka as my father) says to tell you it is very, very funny book - has ordered more as presents!

  5. visiting your blog after some friends (booksellers) in St Andrews said 'Weird things ... ' was their favourite book!

    Glad you had a good time in Embra (my birthplace)!

    I will visit again