Wednesday, 14 March 2012

'Weird Things...' events

What am I up to at the moment? Well, I'm getting ready for the launch of 'Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops' - which is just three weeks away, 5th April [eek!]. It all seemed so very far away, and now it's just around the corner. Zut alors and bloody hell.

I've got a couple of events lined up for the book:

Tuesday 10th April: I'll be talking about 'Weird Things...' and signing books at The Edinburgh Bookshop in Bruntsfield. 5:30-6:30pm.

Tuesday 17th April: I'm going to be doing a day as writer in residence at Blackwell's in Oxford. I'll be writing poetry inspired by each floor, doing podcasts, blogging, tweeting, listening out for more 'Weird Things...' followed by an event in the evening at 7pm where I'll talk about 'Weird Things...' read some poetry and sign some books.

Thursday 19th April: I'll be joining Scott Pack and Sarah Salway at the 'Firestation Bookswap' in Windsor. Tickets are £5, or free if you bring a homemade cake!

If you're near these places, it would be lovely to see you there - an encouraging smile or two, and all that jazz. I'll keep you all posted on any other events [& if you're reading this and you're a bookshop and you'd like me to stop by, drop me an email].

Around launch date I'll be doing a blog tour, and we'll be doing a couple of giveaways via Twitter and Facebook [so follow/like if you want to keep an eye out for those]. Also, I'll be doing a few radio things, which I'll post details about soon if you'd like to listen to me babble [in a very intellectual way, obviously].

SO, at the moment I am a very excited/nervous person, looking forward to getting a copy of the book and seeing it on shelves in bookshops. I'm excited for you all to see it, too, obviously! Greg's illustrations are wonderful, and I hope the book makes you giggle over several cups of tea.

*wanders off to be nervous/excited somewhere else*


  1. I'm so excited for you, you're going to have SUCH AN AMAZING TIME! Holding that book in your hands for the first time will be an incredible experience. I'm going to be recommending it to all and sundry (and giggling hysterically over my shop counter for a day or two, probably)... :)

  2. The book will be in my hands tomorrow, I do believe. I will post pictures :) xx

  3. I do so wish I could make one of these events but I'm afraid I will be attending them in spirit and keeping up to date with it all on Twitter! So exciting that the book is soon to be released - I can't wait to read it in full. I visited Oxford to look round the uni in October and I bought a book and some posters in Blackwells - it's a lovely shop (on three floors if I remember correctly) and the staff are all really friendly; I'm sure you'll be made most welcome. Best of luck with it all!

  4. Five floors in total - it's massive. x

  5. It is going to be a runaway success - wish I could be there! Purring thunderously for you!