Wednesday, 28 March 2012

'Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops' ... in bookshops!

Whilst the official release date for 'Weird Things...' is next Thursday, copies of the book are now in bookshops in the UK [& commonwealth]. Hurrah! I have yet to see one in a bookshop other than my own [damn, you, work!] but I have tweets and messages which inform me they are there, such as this one in a bookshop in Brussels [and, yes, I realise that is neither in the UK or the commonwealth], and this photo which was sent from Waterstone's in Huddersfield.

I never thought I'd be in such close proximity to Jeremy Clarkson in life [book-wise or otherwise].

So, yes! You may go forth and track down a copy and say something weird and wonderful to the bookseller at the till as you purchase it. Or perhaps you could give them a hug. Booksellers need hugs. If you're not sure where your local independent bookshop is, then this website should help you. You can also enter your postcode on Waterstone's here to see where copies are near you.

If you'd like a signed copy, you can find me at the events listed on the side of this blog <-----, or you can stop by Ripping Yarns, where we have the book casually sitting in the window.

If you're far away and would like to purchase a signed copy for me to send to you from our bookshop then just drop me an email.

I had the very bizarre experience of selling the book to people today. It was SURREAL. But very lovely indeed. I particularly enjoyed the moment when a browsing customer picked it up, turned to me and said "Have you read this? Is it any good?"



  1. Congrats! And enjoy every surreal minute.

  2. Congratulations! Very much looking forward to finding my copy in a pile of post tomorrow when I get back to the shop, hooray! :)

  3. Congrats, Jen! Very exciting indeed x

  4. Congratulations! I can't wait to read it.

  5. Purr-fect. My whiskers are twitching in anticipation of my copies arriving. (My tail is flicking impatiently!)

  6. Awesome! I pre-ordered mine so it should get here soon-ish? What was your response to the person who asked if it was any good? "Uhmm, yea, actually I wrote it."

  7. Haha! Excellent! What a great experience this is, Jen.

    Like MamaMunky, I'm curious to know how you answered that customer.

  8. For those wanting to know what I replied: I said I thought the book was very true to life ;) x

  9. Hi Jen, what a unique experience to sell your own book!

    So you didn't tell the customer that YOU'd written that book? I think next time you should!

    Congrats and hugs,

  10. Ha - love the 'have you read this?' comment. First quote for the sequel?

  11. Jen just listened to the Radio 4 interview - you were fantastic and came across really well! Great to hear the quotes being read as well - it made them all the funnier and more unbelievable! Unfortunately I can't make any of the events but I'm going to get one of the few people I know in London to come to Ripping Yarns and get me a signed copy! Congratulations Jen - I remember reading the very first "weird things" posts! x

  12. Hi Jen, after all it's not a bad question at all to ask: "Is this book edible"? Look at this:

    I wonder whether your book gave them the idea...

    Good luck with your first book!