Monday, 23 January 2012

our friends at the circus

Last weekend, Lotty, Jo and I went to the Quentin Blake exhibition currently showing at the Foundling Museum. I strongly recommend it if you're in London [or will be before April]. It's a collection of his recent works commissioned by hospitals in the UK and France.

The exhibition will be going on tour next year to seven different galleries in the UK, so if you don't make it to this one, you might have the chance to see it elsewhere. The paintings are just beautiful.

Other things I'd love to point you in the direction of:

This wonderful article about postcards sent by Angela Carter. In 1988, four years before she died, Angela sent a Bard card from the Stratford Ontario Shakespeare festival, in Canada. 

The message on the back reports only that "Canada's nice. Especially Montreal. Like Scandinavia with liquor."

You've probably heard that Waterstone's is getting rid of its apostrophe. If you're on Twitter [or even if you're not] - it's worth checking out the rather hilarious account of @SadApostrophe - the apostrophe on its new job hunt.

And, finally, these two Jan Svankmajer Alice in Wonderland related films. In case you were wondering, Through the Looking Glass is pretty much my favourite book ever. And last week, after the visit to the Quentin Blake exhibition, Jo, Lotty and I were lusting over Marchpane's 383 editions of Alice. 383! Count 'em! Anyway, yes, two of the trippiest films in the world. Enjoy! x

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  1. Oh man, I watched the first Alice movie in a history of animation class once, and have never been the same since. So trippy.