Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Konstiga Saker Kunder Säger I Bokhandeln

Today I signed contracts for Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops Swedish translation rights!

'Konstiga Saker Kunder Säger I Bokhandeln' will be published by Bokförlaget Lind & Co. They are commissioning new illustrations for the book by a Swedish cartoonist, and the book will be published this autumn. Spännande!


  1. That's awesome (or should I say Exciting since you said that in Swedish)!
    I will still buy the English version but I might get the Swedish one for my mom.

  2. How exciting! Still I think I'm gonna get the English version, the translation might miss the Britishness that I love. There is a great want for books like yours in Sweden though, so I'm definitely gonna give it as a present to a couple of friends :)

  3. Cool, first foreign translation! Thats great but I may stick to English as my sweedishness skills are nonexistent.

  4. Köttbullar!
    (my only Swedish word - I do mean it in the best way possible! congrats!)