Thursday, 26 January 2012

calling all arts students and graduates

A message here on behalf of The Arts Emergency Service - a new charity aimed to help arts students. Please do take the time to this, if you can. x


The Arts Emergency Service – Write for Us!

Who were are:

“The Arts Emergency Service” is all about the wonders of studying the Arts and Humanities at university and how to make the most of it during and after, not just in the sense of career success but other great benefits which don’t have a £ next to them.

We believe the UK is approaching crunch point for student debt. Many talented potential students from poorer backgrounds especially, may shy away from less vocational subjects when degrees cost £27k (even though loads of studies show Arts grads earn just as much as others). The majority of the current Government have studied a BA – a telling fact!

Higher Education should be accessible to all who are able & willing. In helping us generate useful and genuine content for the website you are becoming part of this brand new project, the sky is the limit and we’re talking to loads of academics about starting a media campaign (we’re in the Guardian next week!) and fundraising to support disadvantaged students. We need graduates and students to share experience and contacts with struggling students who don’t have the family support and financial buffers many others benefit from!

The Audience:

Your piece should be aimed at future students considering BA’s and/or current students studying the Arts or Humanities – these are the people we want to support and enthuse.

The Brief:

The absolute most important thing we want to communicate to the world is why YOU chose to study a BA, why YOU think it’s so important!

The kind of articles we need to make the case are along the lines of YOUR personal answers to the questions we’ve already asked on Twitter (and had such great responses too – thanks!) Questions like:

· NEW STUDENTS: Are you studying a BA next year? What are you studying? Why did you choose it? Are you worried about the new fees?

· UNDERGRADUATES: Are you a current student studying an Arts degree? What challenges do you face? (That can be anything from personal problems to academic issues and of course, the ever present money worries!) Can be totally anonymous of course, we both had things to overcome at Uni and understand what it’s like…

 - GRADUATES: Would you have gone into HE to study a BA degree if you were starting 2012 and paying £9k? Personally I would have had such pressure to choose something more practical like Law or the Sciences (both great things btw)rather than Literature...

Who you are: Just include a short line or two, don’t need your name if you want to be published anonymously, but say where you study & what you study – also, if you have a blog of your own or a website do feel free to link to that in your biography paragraph too! Sharing is the heart of creativity!

Once all the complicated business of setting up as a charity is completed, Josie (@josielong) and I (@_griff) will both write similar blog entries to you guys and publish them all on the new site: (don’t look yet, it’s a tad empty at the moment!)

Just keep it to around 600 words max and email the copy or, if you have a good idea that isn’t covered above, a short pitch to us @

Thanks so much and it’s amazing to know so many people feel as strongly as we do about the life affirming value of studying the Humanities and the Arts!

Neil and Josie x


  1. This looks very interesting, I will write something. Thanks for posting about it. Is there a deadline?


  2. Is this only for art students in Britain?

  3. Ghoulina - I'm sure they'd love to hear thoughts from all over :)
    Laura - I'd say by the end of February :)x

  4. I never knew such a service existed, but it gives me a warm feeling that someone is doing something to promote the arts sector in such difficult times!