Friday, 16 December 2011

snow and poetry [but not so much snow]

I had some very nice news in my inbox this morning, saying I've won third prize in the Sentinel Annual Poetry Competition. Hurray! My poem 'the chicken, the egg and my sister' will be published in an anthology with the other winning poems early next year. For obvious reasons I can't show you the poem, but I can post some of the judge's report which describes the poem. Then you can have fun reconstructing the poem in your head, as you think it might be...

This is a surreal poem, powerful in its intensity, and disturbing in the vision it portrays. The writing unnerves via its rather matter-of-factual frankness; its exact depictions of individual acts of mutilation; and its exploration of illogical rationality. Each word is employed efficiently and effectively to convey the horror. Even though very few adjectives are used, the writing is visual; the tone almost coldly non-judgemental. The poem manages to contain the horror, the mental torture via a calculated use of technique.

I'm a little worried as to what poem you've all got in your head, now.

You can see a list of the winners and read the whole judge's report over here.

The other day I posted about Words in Motion, poetry going on the tube for two weeks in January, for which a poem of mine has been chosen. Words in Motion have been releasing the names of some of the other poets involved, and there are some pretty cool names in there. Jarvis Cocker, Salena Godden, Ross Sutherland to name a few. Emily Berry also had a poem picked; I love her collection Stingray Fevers. I'm really looking forward to seeing this project come together. 

Happy weekend! x

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