Monday, 5 December 2011

poems on postcards all over the world [and how poetry's working hard to stop houses burning down!]

The initial part of the 100 Poem Challenge had people donating with the option to have one of the 100 poems written on a postcard and posted to out to them [wherever they happened to be!]. So I spent a lot of time after 5th and 6th November carefully writing poems out by hand, and then sending them out here, there and everywhere. I'm really thrilled with how everyone's interacted with this project, and it's lovely to see the poems on postcards in their new homes across the world:

in Sweden [with a lot of Terry Pratchett books]


Western Australia [tucked inside an advent calendar]

with postcards also posted out to New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, and the UK.

displayed on windows, on pinboards and bookshelves


& I have to mention one poem on a postcard in particular. Chris [@book_recycling] said that he'd like me to write a poem about 'fire and rescue' - because he works as a volunteer firefighter. So, on the weekend of 100 poem writing, that became poem #84:



I am called
to stop you becoming
the icarus girl.

Ladders guessing
just how tall you are.

Hair down like Rapunzel.


I then hand wrote that poem on a postcard, and sent it to Chris. That postcard now resides in their fire engine. Check it out!

Amazing. Chris informs me that this poem-on-a-postcard-in-a-fire-engine has so far been to two house fires, one road traffic accident and two automatic fire alarms. Emergency poetry! Fabulous. Thanks Chris!


If you'd like to buy the poetry collection of all 100 poems, please head over here

[Thank you to everyone who sent me a photo of the postcard in their home [sorry if yours isn't included above; there were so many!]]

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