Thursday, 1 December 2011

more paper sculptures

I am buzzing away, a very busy bee. Working on several projects at once and making my mind boggle. At the moment [as in right now, well not right now, because right now I'm writing this] I'm finishing off a radio play that's been on my to-do list for some time. I wrote a play earlier in the year, and the BBC said 'we like this very much, but it is not long enough - write more!' So, dutifully, I am writing more. We will see if it goes anywhere. At any rate, I'm having fun writing it.

A couple of people who bought poems on postcards [you lovely people] expressed concern about how much the postcards and postage costs must have taken from the donation. Fret not, my friends! I paid for all the postage,  postcards etc myself. I did not take any money from the donation box. That was a little expensive, but think of it as my own money-esque contribution [considering this charity pretty much benefits me personally in the medical field].

The 100 poem poetry pamphlet will go on sale in the next couple of days. I should receive a proof from the printers tomorrow. So, more on details of how to buy one very soon.

Now. You may remember my blog post a few weeks ago about the anonymous paper sculptures that had been donated to literary places around Edinburgh. Like this beautiful thing:

If not, you can read it here. They are very beautiful, and now the whole set [all ten] has been discovered. One of them was even left at my old bookshop for Ian Rankin. Here he is with it.

And two others: a book left at the National History Museum

with a dinosaur tucked inside, and many tiny men with guns surrounding it.

And this wonderful book sculpture left at the Writers' Museum:


as well as a cap and pair of gloves made out of paper left at The Scottish Poetry Library, along with this letter from the artist, who still wishes to remain anonymous:

It's been a wonderful project to follow. You can read more about it, and see all of Chris's photos [some of which shown above] over here.

This story has made my heart happy. x


  1. They are as mysterious as they are magnificent - real works of art that must each have taken weeks and weeks to complete. I hope one day I can see them in real life and not just as photographs. (PS Told Vanessa that the poor chaps now belonging to Ian Rankin are in danger of catching cold!)

  2. Wonderful! I hope more mystery art is to follow! Somewhere....someplace... at someone.