Saturday, 17 December 2011

last call for Christmas

UK folks: s'the last chance [by Tuesday 20th] to order a copy of the 100 Poem collection to arrive in time for Christmas, as  present to yourself or someone else. *puts on Christmas hat*

The pamphlet, containing 100 poems, is a limited print run of 200, with a cover designed by Greg McLeod [also illustrating Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops]. They are numbered, and signed. £10, plus postage.

All proceeds [that's £8.60 from each sale, plus any money left over after postage costs] go to EEC International, funding research centres using stem cell research and gene therapy to find a cure for degenerative eye sight problems. 

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[If you'd like to order more than one copy, or you don't have a paypal account/paypal isn't working, then drop me an email]

Merry Christmas, folks. x

Sample poem:



There is field, and we are in it.
This is it, you say
crouching low over your shoes.

We prepared to leave as
milk bottles came
chose instead the ones
the tide brings - green

buckets on ropes
     hanging low
from our shoulders. We
find the cows out
in the field. A drunken farmer
too busy making
snow angels. We milk instead

then walk the twelve
     miles to the beach
avoiding slot machines
until our beds are checked.

On the edge of the pier
     we can begin again
to see ourselves. We dip
chipped mugs deep in buckets
     for our bones.

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