Tuesday, 1 November 2011

so, I think I love you all

Three weeks into my campaign to raise money for EEC International - the running total has just hit $3000 [£1880]. I'm overwhelmed! Thank you so much to those who have been donating, and to those who have been spreading the word about the challenge via Twitter and facebook. It means such a lot; they are an amazing charity who do fantastic work.

I was also very excited to see this tweet today:

as well as a retweet from the lovely Neil Gaiman. Amazing.

After the weekend of 100 Poem Writing, I'll be making a video about the challenge which will be shown at the EEC conference in Italy later this month, and in the new year I'll be doing a poetry talk for the RNIB, which I'm really looking forward to.

This weekend [5th and 6th] is the weekend itself - writing the 100 Poems. It's suddenly looking like a very scary task indeed! Tweets of encouragement during that time are welcomed, as are shouts to ask if I'm still awake ;) I shall be living on caffeine and chocolate and cheese. Oh yes. If you'd like to send me words to inspire a poem, please do. You can leave them in the comments box or tweet me.

So yes. Thank you thank you thank you to those who have donated so far. If you haven't yet and you'd like to, then the link is here - every single penny counts. £1. £2, whatever you can. Tweet, spread the word. All the poems will be posted, as I write them online [link is on the donation page]. Thank you all so much x


  1. Oh Jen, this is GREAT news! And Stephen Fry, wow! Cool. :) I'm glad this endeavour is getting so much attention; also glad this is going so well for you. I'm excited for you! I love that the total so far has much exceeded your goal. It's a wonderful feeling, yes?

  2. Mr Fry just tweeted a link to this blog post, too.


    Good luck with your challenge, Jen. You're doing amazingly well already.

  3. (Ooops, I just realised that was the StephenFryBot, not Mr Fry himself, but still. You ARE doing amazingly well!)

  4. Ha, yes, the Stephen Fry bot is not the same but. still, one tweet from the real Mr. Fry is enough ;) xx

  5. All the best from the new world Jen! This really is a nice bit of excitement.
    And I dare say, another book for the wall! LOL