Friday, 11 November 2011

poetry, postcards, short stories and post

Happy Friday, folks. It's taken me the best part of this week to recover from last weekend [that sounds melodramatic, I know, but true!]. This is probably because I've not actually taken a break, ha. I've been working at the bookshop during the day, working on several writing projects in the evenings and have just started writing out the poems on postcards from last weekend. M and I spent all of last night matching poems up with appropriate postcards.

I've had messages from people asking when postcards will arrive. Poems 1-21 went out in the post today, so those should be with people soon.  I'll be sending them out in batches over the next week or so; please bear with me, and remember that I'm the arthritic writer missing several fingers, so writing masses of stuff by hand is not my strong point ;). If you have bought a poem, please let me know when it arrives. It might be cool if you could also email me a photo of where you display it, then I can put the photos up on the blog showing where the poems are all over the world.

(I'm also currently investigating releasing the 100 poems in a limited edition pamphlet, to sell on my blog to raise a little more money for EEC International. I'm 95% sure that this will go ahead, so watch this space).

In other news: Poetry: yesterday I got an email from Patricia McCarthy [editor of Agenda] saying that I've been picked as one of their Chosen Young Broadsheet Poets, which I'm very excited about. Some of my work appeared in their online broadsheets [15 and 16] earlier this year. Now four poems of mine will be published in a book-sized print edition of theirs some point soon.

Short stories: this year's edition of Short FICTION is out. It includes a short story by me called Fringe, about a girl called Linnea who gatecrashes plays at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, spending her life taking on the parts of other people. It's been illustrated, too. You can order a copy over here.

I'll be back soon with an interview with the lovely Joe Dunthorne, and also a blog post with some book recommendations. In the mean time, farewell, and happy weekend! x


  1. Congratulations Jen, don't forget to take a break occasionally :-)

  2. Yeah! Please accept my order for one of the 100 page poem books (yes pamphlet, I know)
    I hope you remembered to take a copy of the post cards as well as these could make nice background for each poem and where it ended up too.
    For a non-writing reader, I can get pushy! LOL
    Glad you are back to normal(what ever normal is)
    From Canada with great affection

  3. If that picture of the postcards is any indication, you have very nice handwriting. I am slowly working my way through the 100 poems online. I would love to buy a copy of them, so I hope you do manage to sell the pamphlet.

    Congratulations for the Chosen Young Broadsheet Poet thing :) That's fantastic!