Thursday, 29 September 2011

Last Call for 'Weird Things'

Tomorrow is the last day for 'Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops' submissions from other bookshops. So, if you haven't sent your submissions in already then you should probably get on that. The ones chosen will have their quote and their name, plus address of their bookshop put in the back of my 'Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops' book. We're looking for entries from all over the world!

I particularly liked this one from Maera in Ireland, which was sent in this morning:

Customer: If I were, to say, meet the love of my life in your bookshop, which section do you think they would be in?



Right. Other things.

Today is the publication day of Scott's '21st Century Dodos', so you might want to check that out. Scott will be popping by here on the 15th October to chat about it, too. I can't promise he'll behave.

Today is also the last day for your chance to win a copy of Andrew Kaufman's new book.

Also, this here = wise words.

Last night was my lovely agent [Charlie]'s book launch, and I'm very happy to now have a physical copy of this admirably slim, delicious little book.


[*Charlie's book has nothing to do with tortoises... giant lizards, yes, but not tortoises.] You can still win a copy of Charlie's book, and I'll be selling signed copies at the bookshop - I have three left, because I sold the others, so if you want a copy do drop by, or send me an email, and I'll post a copy out to you, wherever you are.

But but but, do not drop by this weekend because I won't be there [well, the bookshop will, obviously, and the lovely Marie will be there], but I will be in the New Forest. Miles and I are driving down tonight for three days, and I plan to read, and eat, and go for walks in wellington boots, and actually finish editing my short story collection because I have been naughty and not had the time to do it recently, what with bookselling and 'Weird Things' and all that jazz.

So, yes. Happy renewed summer to you all [I'm slightly narked about that, really; I'm a big fan of oversize woolly jumpers], and I'll see you all on Monday. I will be tweeting intermittently over the weekend whilst I eat my own body weight in cheese. Excellent plan. x


  1. Wow...not only do you write a hilarious blog but you love cheese as much as I do! Thanks for making me smile today :o)