Thursday, 23 June 2011

six poems up at Agenda

Hola! I'm sending this message from Espana. I'm currently in Calaceite which looks mostly like thi

I'm getting lots and lots of writing done: hurray for uninterrupted productivity! [Though obviously I also miss you all].

Moving away [just for a second] from 'Weird Things' I'm here to give you a heads up for my 'FO' SERIOUS' writing: six of my poems are up on the new issue of Agenda [five on broadsheet 16, and one on Broadsheet 15]. There's a link to both of those here: and you can download the broadsheets directly by clicking here and here.

Hope you like them. Behave until I return next week. Adios xxxx


  1. Congratulations on your poems! I think my favorite was the first on broadsheet 16, "Treading Water."

    Have fun in Spain!

  2. Thank you :) glad you liked them x