Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Rialto & Kent and Sussex Poetry Competition

I'm very chuffed to say that two of my poems ['What Happens When I Go Home' and 'Bible Camp'] have been accepted for publication in The Rialto. I aime that publication very much indeed. That'll be out around May.

My poem 'Kitchen' has also placed in this year's Kent and Sussex Poetry Competition, judged by Jo Shapcott. Hurray! Sadly, I can't make the awards ceremony next week because I'll be in hospital [booo], which is a shame because I would have liked to meet Jo Shapcott and the other winners. Though I suppose one can't moan too much about a cheque in the post.

So yes, very happy news, please do a little dance with me on the desk.

On Sunday I'm heading up to Newcastle for my hand operation. But don't think I'm abandoning you; I have an interview with Kate Kilalea [author of the collection 'One Eye'd Leigh'] lined up for next week once I'm home. I can interview one handed. What a skill. See you on the other side.