Friday, 3 December 2010

Haruki Murakami: Reality A and Reality B

Let’s call the world we actually have now Reality A and the world that we might have had if 9/11 had never happened Reality B. Then we can’t help but notice that the world of Reality B appears to be realer and more rational than the world of Reality A. To put it in different terms, we are living a world that has an even lower level of reality than the unreal world. What can we possibly call this if not “chaos”?

What kind of meaning can fiction have in an age like this? What kind of purpose can it serve? In an age when reality is insufficiently real, how much reality can a fictional story possess?

A very interesting article in which Haruki Murakami discusses the ever changing role of fiction, and how it seemed, for him, to morph over the 2000 year mark into not post-modernism or any other 'ism' but more into story and what those stories mean in themselves, in contrast to what is going on in the world now.

You can read the article here

I really can't wait for 1Q84 to be translated into English.

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