Friday, 11 June 2010

Lobster Girl

'The Lobster Man's Keeper' by Steve Kissing in April's issue of Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine is about a man with 'Lobster Claw' (ectrodactyly) in a cage in the circus. Interestingly, and unbeknown to the editors, that same issue contains a story by a girl with ectrodactyly, me. Considering it's one of the most rare conditions, what a bizarre coincidence - made me giggle.

Thankfully, no one has ever tried to throw me into a circus. Long may it stay that way. ;)


  1. I would only be good for feeding to the lions - who would probably reject me as too old and too tough. Now, a dainty morsel like you...

  2. No one is putting me in a cage with a lion. If I'm going in a cage I want a pile of books and some wine.